Contact Management:

Our state-of-the-art Contact Management Software is an efficient tool
for collecting & managing our client's data. Information gathered from
telemarketing efforts (e.g., sales leads, surveys, etc.) are compiled and
outputted using custom report templates. Reports can be formatted as
a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF. Note: We can import and
export data in any format.

Remote access:

Data - clients can dial-in to our Contact Management Server
and synchronize their database. This is useful for downloading
and uploading changes from our database to your own.

Workstation - each computer is equipped with 56K modem
for making direct connections to offsite servers. High speed
internet access is also implemented, via cable modem.

Phone - conversations conducted by our consultants can be
remotely monitored off-site & checked for quality assurance
by our clients.

Data Security:

We implemented following measures to safe guard our client's data:
daily backup of information onto digital audio tapes, raid 5 mirroring
on all hard drives (prevents data loss & downtime if hard drives fail)
& battery backup (including dual, redundant power supplies on our
main server). Note: we can provide our client's with copies of their
database in many formats. For example, CD-Rom, DAT, Zip Disk.


We currently operate Windows 2000 on our server & Windows 2000 on
our client's. Our wiring is 100 Base-T, our typology is a hybrid of peer to
peer and client-server configurations. Access to the internet is done, via a
proxy server running Wingate & email is administrated by Mdaemon.

Note: when marketing we represent our client's in name, not AJ Berman
Associates. We utilize 800 numbers for phone and fax. We also set up
email accounts for incoming mail which is often sent to us by a prospect.
Our goal is for the prospect to be unaware that the marketer who there
speaking with is calling from an outside Marketing Agency.