This is accomplished using a contact list which
we or our client's provide. The alignment and
quality of the list is the most important element
to ensure a successful Marketing Campaign.


Mail, Fax, Email
Sales Representation
Radio, Film, Video


Copy Writing, Layout, Design & Printing


Below is an example of our qualitative approach to marketing. In many cases
we provide our clients with a contact list and produce their promotional piece
(copy writing, layout, design and printing). To request a detailed proposal &
a productivity analysis, please click here.

Step 1 Qualify the prospect: Our initial focus is to identify and contact the
decision maker - an individual who is in a position of authority, has indicated
a need, and posses the financial resources to acquire goods and/or services
from our client.

Step 2 Build a relationship: Our Marketers treat potential Customers like
human beings and intern are treated as such. Conversations are professional
interactive and produce the desired, "qualitative" result.

Step 3 Reinforce the call: Next, after gaining permission from the qualified
contact, we deliver our clients promotional material electronically, via email &
facsimile. Why?

Faxes and e-mails are more personal and because they are delivered shortly
after hanging up with the prospect, their reinforcement or connection to the
sender is strengthened. In addition, e-mails and faxes are not concealed like
conventional mail which is often discarded before the contents are revealed.

Note: once a relationship has been established it then becomes appropriate
to send additional collateral in the mail.

Step 4 Produce the Deliverable: A series of follow-up calls are placed and
when our client's objectives are realized a deliverable is produced. Leads can
include and are not limited to: sales meeting, request for quotation, sale, receipt
of a completed survey or registration form, signed contract (e.g., agreeing to be
a dealer for an assigned territory), etc. Finally, a report detailing our relationship
with the prospect is submitted to our client's office.