Value-added proposition

AJ Berman Associates is in the business of developing qualified relationships between the clients we represent and the prospects we communicate with. Our process involves strategic navigation through simple and complex organizational structures. We target and engage individuals at numerous levels: from the engineer on the manufacturing plant floor to senior management of Fortune 100 companies. Our staff is comprised of professionals with sophisticated skill sets, often possessing similar industry experience as the companies we are representing.

If you are concerned about outsourcing, you should be - your company's reputation may be at stake! The foundation upon which our marketing model rests is qualitative, not quantitative, and as such we don't employ the typical "Boiler Room" approach.

AJ Berman Associates' ultimate goal is the earned perception of clients who view us as an extension of their company and not as an outsourced provider.

Companies use us because:
In most cases our clients have in-house capabilities, however from time to time require supplemental "bandwidth" to achieve their marketing objectives.

We provide and manage a turnkey process, so our customers can focus more time on managing results.

At AJ Berman Associates, we provide the ability to throttle hours up and down and even temporarily suspend a marketing campaign - with some notice.

Often times, we work with individuals at large corporations who find it easier to navigate their own internal politics by taking control and outsourcing their marking initiatives to AJ Berman Associates. Our clients also have direct access to working with their assigned account representative, yielding even more control over their marketing initiatives.

When speaking on the phone, our representatives do not use scripts because they are fully trained. They are personable, interactive, have a nice emotional disposition, project well, and they focus on building a genuine rapport with every prospect.

Walk the talk:
This company is motivated by results, not dollars:

          Pro-Tech Welding & Fabrication, Inc.
Marketing Cost: $20,000 <> Sales Return: $413,000
   (9 letters of excellence enclosed for your review)
Note: current references are available upon request.

Our typical customer is more concerned with obtaining a return on investment than their cost per call.

Our unparalleled services include:
High Level Telemarketing and Sales
    (generate quotes, sales appointments
     conference calls and new accounts)
    (for insurance & financial industries)
Market Research and Analysis
    (surveys and intelligence acquisition)
Usability Studies
Direct Sales Representation
Graphic Design
Setting up of Distribution Channels
    (bringing product/service to market)
Database Restoration
Registration of: Trade Shows, Open
    Houses and Seminars 
Direct mail, fax and email fulfillment

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