Workshops, Trade shows, Seminars

When you contract with AJ Berman Associates to market your
trade show, workshop, or seminar you receive written confirm-
ations (not a verbal call list) of qualified participants. Potential
applicants can register by filling out electronic forms located at
our Website on the Internet or by faxing back invitations. In both
scenarios we can produce the layout, copy, and design of your
promotional ad. Additional services include: booking of your
event and production of trade show exhibits (e.g., hanging
mobiles, display panels, etc.)

Sales Lead Qualification

Follow-up on responses from your existing advertising
efforts - we contact potential clients who respond to your
direct mail piece, magazine advertisement, television or
radio broadcast, etc. and qualify the sales lead and/or
close the account.

Public Relations

AJ Berman Associates can maintain ongoing relationship
with your existing and potential customers. We improve
the visibility of your company through frequency of contact
(e.g., scheduled calls, mailings, faxing, and e-mailing of
monthly new letters and promotional material, etc.)