Market Research & Analysis:

AJ Berman Associates employs multiple vehicles to
capture strategic data for your organization. Information
is captured via: telephone interviewing, on-site meeting,
survey (mailed, faxed, e-mailed) or by filling out an elec-
tronic form located at our Website on the Internet.

Organizational Mapping:

AJ Berman Associates is your navigator through the
maze of basic and complex Organizational Structures.
We design custom organizational road maps tailored
to your strategic objectives.

Charts include - in part:
(chain of command hierarchies, address of key contacts
titles, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.)

Inbound Call Center:

Utilizing an 800 number potential customers requesting
additional information about your product or service will
be directed to the office of AJ Berman Associates. Call
center representatives will answer the phone under your
company name, identify the needs of the inquirer, and
generate a detailed, daily report for your appointed
sales representative.

Please note: we provide full service mail and fax fulfillment.